Tuesday, 07 April 2020 04:48

Nigerian billionaires have been donating to govts instead of giving money directly to the poor who need it. This is why

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David Bigila

Behind every great fortune, there is a great crime- St Honore De Balzac (1799 -1850)

So, dont expect any money or palliative directly from any Nigerian billionaire - repeat, do not.

The likes of Emeka Offor, Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote are giving billions to goverment instead of doing so directly to the poor, and you are wondering: 'Dont they know about corruption in govt? Dont these billionaires know that mandarins in goverment will embezzle this money?

They know...

So, why are they not giving to the poor, themselves, you wonder. They wont because they dont care whether the poor live or die, so long as you have the capacity for regeneration and their products find ready market, long term.

You think those donations are about you? Or about the poor? Naaa, the masses have never been part of the equation, you are of no use to these billionaires, they only give those monies in your name, not for your benefit.

By cutting those cheques for Covid 19 support, they have taken out a cheque for the rainy day, they have gotten themselves a soft landing with govt for any future infraction or past misdemeanour that is yet to be uncovered.

They are now 'friends of govermentt' those who identified with the seat of power during distress. In our clime of 'rub my back, i rub your back' they know if something should go wrong with their operations or private dealings tomorrow, they can easily call in for their line of credit/favor from government.

Bureaucracy can easily rein in their agents or attack dogs once push comes to shove. The rich do not use sentiment in making decisions, infact in Nigeria, donating to goverment is the fastest way to gain access to the corridors of power.

When you do, then get into trouble later, hidden levers of bureaucracy move for you.

A call from the presidency to the FIRS hierrachy can say: 'As regards unpaid taxes for Dangote going back 7 or 8yrs now, totalling $3.4b, pls pend action, we will revert ASAP.

To AMCON as regards a bad loan from Otedola's Holdings or Ubah's Capital Oil, Board could be told by mandarins in Aso Rock: 'Do not foreclose - repeat, do not foreclose; do not appoint a Receiver manager - just KIV (keep in view). We will revert and advice appropriately.

Just before EFCC moves in on an Arthur Eze or Abdulsamad Rabiu, Head of Operations will be told: 'Stand down, Stay action, Abort mission and await further instructions.'

ICPC, DSS or CBN is told to steer clear Jim Ovia, or Tony Elumelu or Herbert Wigwe of Access Bank or any of these 'friends of goverment' should they run foul of the law anytime soon.

They all, only purchased themselves a soft landing while cutting a cheque for philantropy in your name with the whole world as witness

How does giving you this money directly help them or their cause beyond public applause when know they are not politicians?

They know exactly what they are doing.

Infact, creating a fund and giving that money directly to citizens via BVN even embarasses goverment and tells the world that the rich of this country do not trust their own government - meaning government has no integrity

The minute any of them creates a fund to directly administer palliatives to citizens is when an agency of govt remembers they over invoiced for certain contracts or underdeclared for certain imports (read: refinery crude distillation column etc etc).

Then they open your file.

Is it Alakija and Famfa Oil whose oil block they can revoke with executive fiat that will give billions through her foundation directly to you?

So no, none of these men and women will give you money directly. You can die, they will hold a requiem for your soul and sing a dirge at your funeral.

Life goes on, the wheels of commerce keep turning!